Intellectual Property

ELG’s Intellectual Property cohort is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with the strategic guidance necessary to safeguard, enhance, and monetize their intellectual property assets. We believe in the boundless potential of innovative ideas and are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring that creators can thrive in a world fueled by ingenuity.

Trademark Services

We offer a comprehensive array of trademark services, encompassing every facet from initial registration to stringent enforcement. We are steadfast in protecting your brand’s identity and upholding your reputation in the dynamic marketplace. Our portfolio of services spans the preparation, submission, and management of trademark applications. For existing marks, our team brings formidable experience in tenaciously advocating for clients in trademark infringement litigation.

Strategic IP and Licensing Counsel

Our firm excels in the art of crafting and negotiating creative licenses and agreements, with a pronounced emphasis on entertainment-related contracts such as artist recording agreements, synchronization and master use licenses, and publishing and administration agreements. We serve as architects of innovation, constructing agreements that elevate your intellectual property to its full potential.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

Elevate Law Group’s legal minds guide clients through the intricate process of preparing and negotiating employment and independent contractor agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and a spectrum of contracts meticulously designed to safeguard valuable trade secrets.

E-Commerce Management and Technology Licensing

Our team of lawyers provide invaluable counsel to a diverse array of companies conducting business in the digital realm. We meticulously draft and negotiate a panoply of agreements, including website terms of sale and use, privacy policies, software licenses, affiliation agreements, content licensing and distribution contracts, e-commerce supplier and distribution agreements, service agreements, and website design contracts. Our focus is to empower your digital presence, ensuring it thrives in the complex and ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and technology licensing.

Copyright Expertise

At Elevate Law Group, our attorneys serve as guardians for artists, authors, and content creators, ensuring your creative works receive the recognition and compensation they deserve. Our accomplished legal professionals have experience navigating disputes involving copyrighted materials and offer an array of services, including the preparation, submission, and prosecution of copyright applications. Our team stands ready for robust copyright infringement litigation when the need arises.